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Awesome Attracts Awesome…

After three years as a piercer, where I learned the fundamentals of customer service, proper sterilization, and how to run a safe and clean procedure, I thought it was time to once again pursue a career in the craft of professional tattooing. Though I have been drawing and creating art since I was old enough to hold a crayon, I still had much to learn in a medium such as tattooing. So, in 2010, I landed a tattoo apprenticeship where I spent just under three years watching, learning, and trying to gain as much knowledge I could in the hopes to develop a personal style on, and off, the skin and build a reputation among my clients and my fellow peers in both art and procedure. On December 22nd, 2012, I then took the step forward in my life to further develop my career in an environment where I believed my craft could better flourish; that place was Capital Tattoo. Since then, I have worked along side some of the industries best on a day to day basis, I have got to do numerous conventions and guest spots, and attend a number of seminars, art shows, and paint nights all in the hopes of “perfecting” something I am truly passionate about. On April 30th, 2019, that is when I took the biggest leap in my career to begin the largest and longest art project of my life… I opened my own studio… Organic Mechanics: Tattoo and Art Gallery in my home city of Edmonton, Alberta. Alongside, who I describe as my longest relationship, Adrian Kalyn and I nurtured an environment that wasn’t “just another Tattoo Shop.” We created a space where art nerds could go be art nerds. We did many conventions together, hosted many guest artists in our space, and spent our time mentoring those who were hungry to learn. OM wasn’t just a space to hone the craft of tattooing, but also a space where a multitude of other artistic mediums were encouraged to be explored (ie. spray painting, airbrushing, sculpting, etc.). After close to 5 years of being open, moving from one space to another, it was decided in the fall of 2023 to close our doors (due to some circumstances involving the unprofessionalism and unkept promises from our buildings management). The safety of our clients and the care we put into our work is as important as the space we choose to conduct ourselves in. The OM family remains strong, but we are off on new journeys… excited for what the future holds. This isn’t the end of Organic Mechanics Tattoo, just a side quest of sorts.

Art, music, movies, and travelling are just a few things other then tattooing that I take an interest in and I take influence from, but the thing that truly catches my fancy is learning new things. In the years to come, I hope to develop my new-school/neo-traditional style by learning from those around me; near and far.

If you’re interested in working with me on a custom piece that no one else has, and one that not only you can be proud to wear, but I can be proud to do, than shoot me an email with your idea and we can go from there. I look forward to “james-ing” your next tattoo idea. Feel free to follow me on various forms of social media to tag along on this crazy adventure I call life.