I DO take on mural work, but please take a peek at the work I have posted online to know what you’re going to be in store for stylistically. I normally work with spray paint, but can also work with rollers and brushes if need be for the right project. I normally work at $15/square-foot to cover time and materials if the surface is already prepped and ready to go. If more work is required on my end to do so than an extra charge would be applied and is discussed during the consultation. All prices include GST, and a receipt can be provided upon request. I have a 32 square-foot minimum and take a 50% non-refundabe deposit before getting started to be sure I can order the materials needed to complete the project. Consults are done before every mural on a face-to-face basis to avoid miscommunication, and done where the mural is to be painted so I can take pictures and measurements of the space properly to help avoid any hiccups that might come along. I send out a digital rendering and allow for one redraw if need be to account for any changes, after that there is a charge for more if needed.