*** Updated January 2nd, 2024 ***



Not necessarily necessary, but as the years have progressed of me being within this craft, I have found there are things clients can do before their appointment that can prepare them for a better experience during the tattoo AND afterwards during the healing process. Here they are:

  • Try and keep the area out of direct sunlight for at least a month before the appointment to best avlid burns and tans.
  • Take an Omega-3 Vitamin for 3-4 weeks leading up to the appointment to help maintain a healthy body.
  • Rub a thin layer of Vitamin E Based Unscented Lotion or a Bio-oil into the area you plan on getting tattooed to make the skin extra nice to work on. 
  • Have a good night sleep the night before the session. 
  • Eat a good well balanced meal the morning of your session to ensure yours blood sugar levels are up to par. 
  • Bring water, juice, or a snack. It’s never a bad idea to have something you LOVE to munch on. 
  • Oh… and try to avoid activities that can result in injury to the area. We cannot tattoo over damaged skin. 


I DO use numbing sprays; at NO extra cost. I primarily use Bactine. It works great to take that edge off during longer sessions, and when I got to go over areas or next to areas that have already been tattooed. This stuff is great and I find does a better job than most creams on the market. 

I don’t carry numbing creams on hand as the majority of them have to be applied at home a couple hours before your actual appointment to work properly. I know some people do choose to go this route, and if you choose to do so, please read the instructions for proper application; every brand is different. Please proceed at your own discretion. That being said, I believe that when your body says you should stop, you SHOULD stop. Keep in mind, numbing creams normally last about as long as your adrenaline and endorphins do. These are the natural “painkillers” your body creates. So when they run out, and your numbing cream runs out, the sensation of a tattoo can hit you like a “sack-of-bricks”, sometimes making it feel worse than it would if you decided to go without using it. I should also mention, if you have used numbing cream and touch ups are needed you will be charged accordingly. Numbing creams change the consistency of the skin and can therefore change the consistency of the heal. If you want further information regarding these creams or recommendations on brands, don’t hesitate to ask.


I work whenever I want… the joys of being a subcontractor! I am appointment only for both tattoos AND consultations, but do take walk-ins as well if time permits. I don’t have set days off, but I do schedule myself time off when I need it. I try and book between Noon and 6pm most days, but am willing to come in a bit early or stay a bit late if needed; within reason. 

I don’t book more than ONE month out at a time; it’s just easier for everyone to plan life this way and that way you’re not waiting forever to get in. So, just contact me the month you want to get in and we can figure everything out (remember my weekends book up the quickest). 

Choosing Up4Grabz or Flash designs always get priority. You can find a number of these in my Instagram’s Highlights. 

I do have a cancellation list I contact people off of to get in on shorter notice, but if no one can’t take the slot I will post the day and time to my social media’s story so people have a chance to get in sooner if they’d like to. Follow me @JamesGreenawayTattoo on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date… with ANYTHING!



As you might of heard… I had to make the hard decision of closing my studio in Fall of 2023 due to some neglect  on our landlords end with relation to the state of the property and lease agreements. This means I’ve decided to be a bit of a “Nomad Tattooer” and take the opportunity to Guest Spot around Edmonton to further learn from and work with as many of my friends and peers as I can. The day before people’s appointments I let them know where they need to head to; it will always be within Edmonton and surrounding area. 


I find I am able to do the majority of my consultations online. In times I feel I need to do an in-person consult (ie. coverups, reworks, fitting pieces in between other pieces, etc.), I book them in at a point to best avoid interruptions while tattooing. I can normally get face-to-face consults in within the week.

And, please keep in mind, you must be 18 years of age and have a valid piece of photo identification displaying proof of age to get tattooed (upon request). NO EXCEPTIONS! 


I require a $100 deposit before I start sketching anything up or booking people in, and this comes off the FINAL cost/sit of the tattoo. Deposits assure me that I’m not wasting my time booking people in who aren’t as serious about getting the work done as I am to doing it, and assures me and others who ARE booked in that I am prioritizing my drawings for the people that have one. Larger deposits can be taken for larger multi-sit projects. I have a rough sketch for people to see before their appointment, and have no problem sending it over whatever messaging platform we are using to communicate. With doing this though, all I ask is you respect me and my art by not taking it somewhere else to get done. And remember, I have more than just your drawing to do… you WILL see a rough sketch beforehand, so there’s no need to reach out. I won’t forget. I rather give myself the time to do it properly and not feel rushed. I have a clean line drawing ready to go for the day of the appointment, including any minor alterations you may of wanted done when you saw the rough sketch. Tiny alterations are fine, but keep in mind, changing concept or placement restarts the process leading to more work on my end. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and CANNOT be transferred to other people. If you need to cancel or reschedule I do honour deposits when you let me know by the evening before your appointment (more time is always appreciated). If you DO NOT let me know, then the deposit is forfeited. 

*** Deposits are only held for 2 years before they are forfeited by the client ***


I’ll start by saying, there are NO hidden fees… ALL prices include “supply fees” and applicable taxes. I can normally let you know how long a piece would take me based on what it is and where it is going on the body, so if you need a quote, don’t hesitate to ask. I do tend to judge high, that way when I finish early it is works out to be a bit less for ya. I normally give deals on longer sits, larger pieces, and my Up4Grabz and Flash (found in my highlights on Instagram). My minimum is $180, I’m $180/hour… and, yes I do adjust prices, rounding down to the 0:15 minute mark; again, ALL prices include “supply fees” and applicable taxes. I do have a ½Day and a FullDay rate if you wanted to just book in for that. 

I have been told I work faster than some, and I find that most people sit their best up to the 4 Hour mark.

And, I hate to have to say this (not that its ever been an issue), but you’d be surprised what some people think they can get away with… NO REFUNDS!


Cash is always King, but let’s face it I need money in the ol’ bank account to “adult” properly, too, so e-transfer works as well. Receipts are provided upon request.


Keep in mind, everyone heals up differently and every area heals up differently! Just like PRE-care, the aftercare I go through at the end of every tattoo is what I have found works best for healing the work that I do on people. Just follow these instructions, be patient, and everything should heal up nicely:

  • I start with wrapping your tattoo with a bandage that helps collect the plasma your “new wound” is producing. This is your body trying to create a scab… and we don’t want that. I suggest you keep this on until tomorrow, but don’t loose sleep if it’s become annoying. 
  • Whether it’s before you go to bed or when you wake up the day after, remove the bandage and give it a good wash with warm water and a mild soap (ie. dove or ivory). DO NOT SCRUB! Rinsing with cold water afterwards can be soothing and help close the the wound in a way that will produce less plasma. 
  • Let the tattoo completely air dry after you wash it, and at this point you will want to apply the Second Skin bandage I gave you at the end of your session. Get someone to help you if need be and make sure it’s applied as flat as possible. Keep this bandage on for the next 4 to 7 days. It is a high trauma bandage that does breath and makes your body think the area is already scabbed up, so no need to worry if you do see some plasma build up underneath. 
  • After those days have passed, remove the bandage while in the shower, and give the tattoo a good wash with warm water and a mild soap (ie. dove or ivory); again. And again… DO NOT SCRUB! And, feel free to rinse with cold water again. 
  • You can expect flaking and light scabbing at this point for another week, keeping in mind tattoos can take up to a couple months to completely settle under the skin, but after the first 2 weeks it should feel smooth.
  • DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH! When it feels dry, tight, scabby, flaky, or itchy, apply a really thin layer of unscented lotion (ie. Lubriderm: Unscented, Vaseline: Intensive Care, Webbers, etc.) DO NOT “GLOB” ON THE LOTION… rub it in really really well! DO NOT USE POLY-SPORIN OR PETROLEUM JELLYS… these suffocate the tattoo and pull out the ink.
  • Showers are fine, but try to avoid prolonged soaking in things like hot tubs, baths, lakes, etc. 


On my own work, everyone gets one free touch up as long as they are done within a year of completing the tattoo. The tattoo must have ONE full month of healing before I do any touch ups. If touch ups are small, it is suggested you get them done when you get more work done to make your journey to the shop and the set-up for the the session more worth it and to avoid being as wasteful as possible. Areas like fingers, palms, knuckles, bottoms of feet, etc. I DO NOT guarantee a solid heal on, so if you need a touchup on those areas, I REALLY recommend you getting them done the same time as another session with me, otherwise you will have to pay a “supply fee” to get the touch ups done for those specific spots.

For work that isn’t mine that you would like me to do the touch up on, I do charge the regular rates posted above.

If you used numbing cream and touch ups are needed you will be charged accordingly. Numbing creams change the consistency of the skin and can therefore can change the consistency of the heal.


I DO take on mural work, but please take a peek at the work I have posted online to know what you’re going to be in store for stylistically. I normally work with spray paint, but can also work with rollers and brushes if need be for the right project. I normally work at $15/square-foot to cover time and materials if the surface is already prepped and ready to go. If more work is required on my end to do so than an extra charge would be applied and is discussed during the consultation. All prices include GST, and a receipt can be provided upon request. I have a 32 square-foot minimum and take a 50% non-refundabe deposit before getting started to be sure I can order the materials needed to complete the project. Consults are done before every mural on a face-to-face basis to avoid miscommunication, and done where the mural is to be painted so I can take pictures and measurements of the space properly to help avoid any hiccups that might come along. I send out a digital rendering and allow for one redraw if need be to account for any changes, after that there is a charge for more if needed.


I ALSO take on a variety of commission work, but please take a peek at the work I have posted online to know what you’re going to be in store for stylistically. I can work in a variety of mediums, but feel most comfortable with digital, copic markers, spray paint, and brush paint. Price is dependant on size and medium and is set/discussed during the consult. Consults can be done normally online over email (or whatever messaging platform). If a face-to-face is needed that can be figured out case by case. I have a $250 minimum and take a 50% non-refundabe deposit before getting started to be sure people are just as serious about getting the project going as I am to doing it. There are no redraws for free, extra versions do have a charge attached and are figured out depending on the situation. Commissions are finished on a case by case basis, dependant on medium and size.